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Time schedule of the expedition:
  • 11. July, Monday - airplane Prague - Bishkek via Moscow
  • 12. July, Tuesday - Bishkek - Osh by car Audi 80
  • 13. July, Wednesday - Osh, sightseeing, Sulejman gora
  • 14. July, Thursday - Osh - Bardobo via the city of Gulcha, pass Taldyk, and Sary-Tash, walking with all material about 8 kilometers into the valley of Dzanajdartaka river
  • 15. July, Friday - investigative move to other camp at 3970 m a returning back
  • 16. July, Saturday - strong decrease of temperature during the night and followingly day, about 30 cm of snow fell down, strong wind, camp was moved next 4 km - Jan Pala became cold
  • 17. July, Sunday - J. Pala is completely out lying in the tent, other two guys go for digging out tent at 3970 m, several ski descent above in the valley of Zabluzdenija glacier
  • 18. July, Monday - all material is moved into camp 3970 m, M. Čadík and J. Kocourek continue higher with equipment and food for ten days, they set up another camp at 4500 m
  • 19. July, Tuesday - J. Pala walk up in the valley of Nazarova glacier, and ascends the summit of moraine before a forehead of Nazarova glacier (4100 m), M. Čadík with J. Kocourek climb left range up to approximately 5000 m, M. Čadík realizes first ski descend over steep glacier field in the upper part and continues through the fresh avalanche cut off the slope by him
  • 20. July, Wednesday - J. Pala lies completely out in the tent, duo relax at camp 4500 m, there are a lot of small and middle sized self-started avalanches
  • 21. July, Thursday - all just relax
  • 22. July, Friday - the same as day ago, J. Kocourek became ill with kidneys and head, duo descended with all equipment to camp 3970 m
  • 23. July, Saturday - J. Pala and M. Čadík ascend at the right side of Nazarova glacier to the end of the valley at 4550 m, they are looking for possible routes to Pik Korzhenevskovo
  • 24. July, Sunday - movement of camp onto the old geologist camp at 4000 m
  • 25. July, Monday - skiing starting under the left range above Nazarova glacier
  • 26. July, Tuesday - just relax
  • 27. July, Wednesday - movement of J. Kocourek down to the first camp (3620 m), skis and a lot of material are moved
  • 28. July, Thursday - camp 4000 m is cancelled, everything at 3620 m
  • 29. July, Friday - first climb at Pik Todo (4360 m)
  • 30. July, Saturday - movement to border-pos Bardobo and going to Osh
  • 31. July, Sunday - Osh
  • 1. August, Monday - journey to north by car Volha, staying at National Park Aslanbor with the largest oak forests in the world
  • 2. August, Tuesday - swimming in lakes, different visits, Bishkek, night staying at airport
  • 3. August, Wednesday - arriving in Czech Republic

Karel Rámeček Toráč
K a m a
G a b e l
J u l b o
S e i f e c o
M a x i m
T i l a k
D o n o c y k l
Hudy Praha Lidicka

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